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NBN Snail

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New NBN Mascot?

Perhaps I’m being mean but I think ‘Wi-Fi Snail’ is the perfect mascot for the NBN. All of that Fibre Optic bandwidth being squeezed out at Wi-Fi’s inherent slow & unreliable speed … it’s ridiculous! I’m not saying that Wi-Fi is not capable of distributing the NBN at top speed – but very few people have the equipment to achieve it.

Let’s review the facts …

The Internet is a series of tubes (according to Alaskan Senator “Techno” Ted Stevens) – actually it’s not, but let’s use Ted’s analogy to make our point.

Most NBN installations are set-up with a Wi-Fi router to distribute the signal around the home. This is where our 50Mbps – 100Mbps Fibre Optic ‘tube’ gets clamped down to the Wi-Fi throughput which (in most cases) is far less than advertised – PLUS it’s shared amongst all of your internet enabled devices in the household. Phones, Set-top Boxes, Tablets, iPads even your new internet enabled fridge. And the wireless frequency (2.4GHz or 5GHz) is clogged with other traffic – your neighbour’s Wi-Fi, your cordless phone, garage door openers & any other enabled device.

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NBN – What do I NEED?

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We discussed in a previous post what the NBN (National Broadband Network) provided as part of an installation. – the answer being ‘Very Little’ … Now let’s look at what you actually NEED to make the most of the NBN.Firstly a little about your relationship with the NBN – You don’t HAVE one! All of your enquiries will need to be directed to your Retail Service Provider (or RSP) – they will be your direct contact & provider of NBN services. There are about 120 RSPs currently offering NBN services – not all will be in your area – and whilst the are all on-selling the same product, they will all offer a different ‘spin’ on what you need & what they offer NBN-NTD

Firstly your Telephone

– If you’re sticking with your fixed-line service & your phone has a compatible plug you simply plug into the first UNI-V port & you should be up & running – nothing more required!

Internet Data

Here is where things start to get ‘interesting’ – it is largely dependent on your RSP as to what type of equipment you need to connect to the UNI-D ports Strictly speaking you can connect directly to the enabled UNI-D port and have immediate Internet access – REMEMBER each UNI-D port is a separate connection and your RSP will have enabled just one for usage

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