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Subtly Social …

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IslandBodiesHave to say I’m pleased with the progress of a number of ‘side-projects’ … One in particular https://www.islandbodies.com.au/ – a website I’m developing with my eldest daughter Alycia is starting to fire!

Partly, I’m sure, due to her understanding of Social Media & the need to combine all available avenues into a coordinated marketing plan.

Whilst I have tried to at least maintain a Facebook & Google + presence, engagement has not been my strong point – and that is the primary goal of developing a strong social community who follow your posts – comment, like & follow links without being PUSHED to buy at every opportunity.

Instagram is a perfect example

– whilst it appears to be a narcissistic avenue for celebrities and unknowns to post semi-nude selfies in order to achieve of loyal followers, salivating for the next glimpse of butt cheek – it is so much more!

Island Bodies InstagramClever marketers are posting regular inspirational & brand related images that engage their audience – without trying to sell or pushing a ‘call to action’ at every point. Some Internet gurus would see that as missed opportunities – but every opportunity to subtly put your brand in front of prospective customers is a chance to build trust & engagement – in short a relationship that may lead to sales, referrals and a measure of goodwill down the track.

The beauty of using simple imagery is that they can be liked, shared, re-posted by your followers building subtle little paths back to your main business endeavour – your website. The push for ‘instant sales’ is non-existent … you can reference your product at times but the overall goal is brand awareness within your target audience.

Of course you cannot discount the Social giant that is Facebook – in one way or another you MUST have a presence.

For most businesses this can be a simple page that lists the various events & milestones in your business life which, hopefully, your customers, business associates  and anyone who stumbles across it will like – building another customer community that you can interact with to build a relationship.

The BIG question with Facebook is whether to take part in any of the marketing ‘opportunities’ that, as a business owner, you are bombarded with?

My initial thoughts are to ‘tread carefully’ – for most people Facebook is a fun activity and most are not looking for unsolicited posts & sponsored posts to appear in their timeline – Facebook offers the ability to block posts from individuals, so if you come on too heavy, you may be blocked before you can develop that important relationship.

Lots of pictures, links to items of interest to your target audience, the occasional product mention is my recommended tactic.

Then there is Twitter, Pininterest, Linked In, Google + & an endless list of start-up, has been & yet to come Social Hangouts … I’ll leave that to Alycia – Once she finishes exams for her Marketing & Business Management degrees I expect there will be concentrated movement on all fronts!

Who needs Yellow? Do Directory listings provide value?

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I was astounded today to learn that a client had found us via Yellow Pages … it seems ages since that last happened. Yet it’s not long ago that not having a listing in the phone directory was business suicide. So do you Yellow or not?

Obselete Yellow Pages

Personally, I don’t remember the last time I opened a phone book or directory – it’s far easier & quicker to search online. Online listings are more likely to be up-to-date, offer better information and, for me anyway, are far more convenient – I can search Google from my phone, whereas I wouldn’t know where to begin to look for a phonebook. But are all of your potential customers as technologically savvy?  Or, as pointed out to me by the manager of a virus removal service, might their internet browsing capabilities be compromised?

My strategy is to reduce offline listings gradually … so go from a 1/4 page listing to a 1/8 – and devote more of your resources to advertising online.  Many listing opportunities are free … so it’s only your time & creativity that are required. Google Places allows you to add a listing that can be found in local business results – for free. (The local results are usually 3-4 displayed on the first page, so it’s a valuable place to appear) Take the time to craft a great listing and be sure to provide as much detail as possible. Do a search for ‘business directory’ and see examine the results for listing opportunities – be wary of any that require fees for listing … be sure that they get the traffic to warrant the fees charged.

More than anything else, keep your listings up-to-date – Nothing is more off-putting than a business that can’t be bothered ensuring that they have current contact details – it takes a few minutes and shows your prospective customers that you care enough to make it easy to find you!