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Never lose your keys again

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TrackR Bravo

Now why didn’t someone think of this before

This little device is the TrackR Bravo – you attach it to your keys, wallet, dog – anything valuable, and with the TrackR app you can locate the lost item in seconds.

The app displays the distance between you and the item & with a quick tap, TrackR can ring your misplaced keys hiding under the couch pillow.

Clever eh? But it works in reverse too – lose your phone? Press the button on your TrackR Bravo & it will ring your phone … even if it’s on silent!

Now the REALLY innovative part … If you lose something and it doesn’t appear to be in your near vicinity, TrackR’s Crowd GPS network steps in – When ANY TrackR user is within range of your lost item, you receive a GPS update.

That’s really clever! (& the network of users is growing rapidly)

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How NOT to be Social!

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In this digital age, any company needs a strategy to monitor and respond to any Social Media actions BEFORE they snowball into a PR disaster.

No-JB - Calls for Boycott on Social Media On September 22nd a story broke on Facebook regarding a teenager with Down Syndrome being refused entry to a Queensland JB HiFi store as he was ‘blacklisted’.

It soon became apparent that it was a case of mistaken identity when the Security Guard produced a photo of the ‘offending’ teen who clearly only had DS in common.

When the Store Manager became involved he still refused entry, retorted “They all look the same” and promised to “never ever apologise”.

What followed was a PR disaster, with thousands of outraged consumers promising to boycott the chain on Social Media, a petition on Change.org reaching close to 40,000 signatures in 24 hours & most of the mainstream media picking up the story.

Since the story began trending there has been little response from management … a post saying that they were investigating & a statement from the CEO claiming that they ‘will learn from the incident & are reviewing customer policies’


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