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Beware of SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen

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The ‘Snake-oil Salesman’ is frequently featured in the old westerns – peddling a supposed cure-all with a scripted banter hyping a myriad of benefits – all completely untrue … Until the townspeople run them out of town!

SEO Snakeoil SalesmanWell beware …

A new salesman is in town preying on businesses who just want to have their sites appear at the top of Google Searches.

“With this new amazing technique I can guarantee your listing will appear at the top & on maps as well … look at this lovely site I have already built for you (simply a wordpress template with a few minor changes). We only work with Australian businesses (But our company is registered in New Delhi) & besides … we already have signed up your competitors –  so don’t miss out!!!”

Just like the snake-oil salesman’s pitch, there’s not a word of truth in the above & it’s about time someone started forming a posse to run this thieving lot out of town.

Think about it …

How many top places do you suppose Google has to sell?
And do you think they outsource the selling to a New Delhi based outfit called “aussieseoexperts.online”?

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WordPress Themes … One size does NOT fit all!

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There is no question that WordPress is the Internet’s leading Content Management System (CMS) – in fact, almost 75 million sites at the last count. Wordpress Logo And for good reason!

  • It’s free.
  • It’s based on stable, frequently updated core code.
  • You can be up & running a very basic site in around 5 minutes.
  • There are over 45,000 plug-ins (and many more paid versions).
  • On average, if you need to hire an expert it will cost you around $50 per hour.
  • Did I mention it’s FREE!

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