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Social Media MUST be truthful

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Social Media is an important weapon in any business promotion arsenal … But it MUST be wielded carefully – the truth is always out there!

ING Previous Promotion

When Australian Bank ‘ING Direct‘ chose to dispose of their most popular ‘Paywave Rebate’ their Facebook page was inundated with ANGRY customers lamenting that the ‘cash back’ was the only thing that had made them join & recommend the ‘Orange Everyday’ account. Staff responses included statements like “The decision to remove the 2% cashback promotion came after some extensive research about what matters most to our customers”. Clearly this is not the case & if Market Research revealed this, it was clearly manipulated!

Such a response is Social Suicide

Why would anyone choose to give up a benefit that put money back in their pockets & was the only real difference that ING offered. All of the posts to their page reflected this view, indicating that either their Market Research was incredibly inaccurate OR the PR division was spinning a blatant lie. Frantic replies from ING staff spruiked “24/7 customer service & fee free ATM access” as reasons to stay and also alluded to future “promotions and incentives for our customers to enjoy” – but the flow of angry posts continued.

Then began accusations of censorship & posts being deleted – another Social must not! Open yourself to Social Media & you have to take the good with the bad.

Tell it like it is.

Social Commentary on 2% Cancellation

Which brings up the absolute necessity of open disclosure in everything you post on your company’s Social pages.
If you have bad news, deliver it succinctly and without any attempt to obfuscate the facts …
Without a doubt there will be readers far more intelligent than any of your ‘spin doctors’ and your marketing jargon will be ripped to shreds!

If you allow your readers to contribute to your page be sure to delete nothing (unless of course it is generally offensive) – once posted on the internet a comment, image – in fact anything – is there forever!

For ING it may be too late to discover how quickly advocates become antagonists.

NBN & Your New Home

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If you’re about to build a home in Ballarat, or in the process, then cabling for the NBN should be included in your plans

NBN Home Network … include wireless routers for your portable devices, but cable is always going to be far superior for data-intensive tasks – like streaming TV & Movies.

Also remember that your telephone service is also going to be replaced by the NBN infrastructure – another reason to ensure you have ethernet cable where you need it.

But isn’t wireless technology improving?

It certainly is & the theoretical speeds coming out of manufacturer’s labs are impressive – but the real-life speeds are always a lot lower for a host of reasons – Physical Obstacles, Limited Frequency availability, Interference from competing networks & devices …

Plus the BIG drawback. WiFi Bandwidth is shared between all of your devices.

A wired connection is always going to be superior to wireless – so it makes sense to cable your house as it’s being built or renovated – if you install Cat 6 or the new standard Cat 6a you should be able to achieve reliable speeds of  1000BASE-T/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet), and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet) throughout your home.

Of course wireless is still suitable for your smart phones & tablets, but put the wireless gateway in the areas where it is likely to be used.

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