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Stay ‘Up to date’

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The internet is constantly evolving – and not always in a positive way – keeping your website current is imperative – for you & your client’s sake!

A Prime example of why using a Content Management System (CMS) can become a nightmare to maintain – We took over management of the Australian Bridal Services website ( http://www.australianbridalservice.com.au/ ) & not only is it based on Drupal which is pretty uncommon in the wild (at least in Australia) but hadn’t been updated in years.

ABS WebsiteMaintaining a CMS usually involves regularly installing ‘dot releases’ or patches that fix a particular exploit or coding error – I estimated that this one was probably around 30 releases out of date.

Externally still looks ok – but performing the simplest tasks had become an exercise in searching through un-commented code & obscure hard-coded references.

The number of security ‘holes’ are frightening & outdated scripts made many functions inoperable.

I have proposed starting anew & updating to the latest release – but the cost compared to incremental updates is markedly higher.

So whether you use WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Drupal or ANY CMS – keep it up to date!


We’re slowly migrating to WordPress which, in my opinion, has become THE backbone of ANY site … Core updates are installed automatically & other upgrades are easily done. Plus the core is free! You may pay to get a custom theme made, but spending thousands just to get a website built should be a thing of the past!

Don’t get ripped off!

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Every year you’re exposed to a rip off & many are caught just by doing what seems right …

I’ve long been a believer in the Kaspersky range of PC protection and recommend them to anyone contemplating the purchase of a comprehensive virus/spyware/malware detection suite… dont-pay-retail


When your initial purchase expires DON’T make the mistake of believing that, as a valued customer, you’ll be offered discounted rates for renewal.

Most Software Retailers are quite happy to rip off existing customers by charging far more for renewals than available elsewhere.

Sure I received the offer of a 30% reduction from retail when renewing my 3-PC 2-Year Anti Virus suite – but after googling ‘Kaspersky Internet Security’, I was able to buy it online retail (from a Genuine re-seller) for $53.50 LESS (And that included $16 for postage).

If you are more adventurous you can even search for your chosen software on eBay & find genuine discounts on products with un-activated licences – this is perfectly legal and can bring HUGE discounts … but be sure it is a legitimate product. (Paying via Credit Card will offer some protection against fraud – Paypal? Not so much – their track-record is poor)

I’ve heard all of the manufacturer’s bleatings about ‘we don’t set the price’ we only suggest a RRP – but I fail to see how a retailer with overheads to consider can sell at a severely discounted price to that of the source.

So Google before renewal!

But beware of rip offs

Of course the internet is rife with unscrupulous sellers all to eager to get your money & details – so don’t just head for the cheapest deal … make sure that the online store is run by a legitimate company & search for any negative consumer reports. It’s also wise to use some form of ‘payment protection’ so that you are not left without recourse if the cheaper price is a rip-off!