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What Content to write?

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Take note of the headline! – “What Content to write?” It doesn’t say “What flash new image technology should I use” … (I call them ‘things that spin’) are designed to make your site look good – but you DON’T NEED THEM! The simple truth is … Your website doesn’t have to look good to work!!!

But before I get lynched by an angry mob of Graphic Designers, let me state that a web site CAN look great and work, but the words are the key … Get them wrong and all the ‘things that spin’ in the world won’t save you. Surveys have shown that one of the most disliked ‘features’ of web sites is slow loading pages – so if you’re going to include large images, or anything that impacts on your page loading time, you had better have some pretty compelling words to capture your visitor’s attention whilst they’re waiting, waiting, waiting …

Now let me annoy all of the copywriters and web designers out there … There’s one person who can put together the best words for your site – YOU!
Nobody else understands your business, your product, your customers.
Nobody else has toiled with a passion to build your business into what it is today (or what it will become if you’re starting out)

Sure, let a copywriter, fine-tune your words, or a designer tweak your look – but the content, the words,  the nitty-gritty stuff needs to come direct from YOU!

Hang on to your Visitors!

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You want visitors!
So you spend countless hours submitting to search engines & directories, joining the latest face-this or my-that and promoting your site … aren’t you forgetting someone?

What about the visitor you already have!

To modernise an old proverb

A visitor on your site is worth 2 (or more) browsing the net!

After all, they’re there … so give them a reason to hang around and to come back! Keep in mind your visitor clicked once to get to your site, and your competitors are only another click away, but you have the screen right now … if you capitalise on the reason they’re visiting, chances are they’ll stick around.

Discovering that reason is the fun part! But – You don’t have to go through it unaided.

There are methods of determining what your visitors are looking for – and when you know that …

Give ’em more of it!

At the risk of sounding biased, Google has some of the best Website Analytics around – there are others, but GA is free. 
There’s a conspiracy theory that Google wants our site data so they can spy on us & letting them see our stats means they’ll know how long our visitors stay and so on, and so on … look if it’s that much of a problem to you, then make a tinfoil hat and join a paid service.  Google Analytics is easy to install & free – 2 of my main criteria when shopping for anything!

Interpreting Analytics is a whole different kettle of fish and one that I’m not getting into for now.