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NBN & Your New Home

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If you’re about to build a home in Ballarat, or in the process, then cabling for the NBN should be included in your plans

NBN Home Network … include wireless routers for your portable devices, but cable is always going to be far superior for data-intensive tasks – like streaming TV & Movies.

Also remember that your telephone service is also going to be replaced by the NBN infrastructure – another reason to ensure you have ethernet cable where you need it.

But isn’t wireless technology improving?

It certainly is & the theoretical speeds coming out of manufacturer’s labs are impressive – but the real-life speeds are always a lot lower for a host of reasons – Physical Obstacles, Limited Frequency availability, Interference from competing networks & devices …

Plus the BIG drawback. WiFi Bandwidth is shared between all of your devices.

A wired connection is always going to be superior to wireless – so it makes sense to cable your house as it’s being built or renovated – if you install Cat 6 or the new standard Cat 6a you should be able to achieve reliable speeds of  1000BASE-T/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet), and 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet) throughout your home.

Of course wireless is still suitable for your smart phones & tablets, but put the wireless gateway in the areas where it is likely to be used.

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NBN – What do I NEED?

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We discussed in a previous post what the NBN (National Broadband Network) provided as part of an installation. – the answer being ‘Very Little’ … Now let’s look at what you actually NEED to make the most of the NBN.Firstly a little about your relationship with the NBN – You don’t HAVE one! All of your enquiries will need to be directed to your Retail Service Provider (or RSP) – they will be your direct contact & provider of NBN services. There are about 120 RSPs currently offering NBN services – not all will be in your area – and whilst the are all on-selling the same product, they will all offer a different ‘spin’ on what you need & what they offer NBN-NTD

Firstly your Telephone

– If you’re sticking with your fixed-line service & your phone has a compatible plug you simply plug into the first UNI-V port & you should be up & running – nothing more required!

Internet Data

Here is where things start to get ‘interesting’ – it is largely dependent on your RSP as to what type of equipment you need to connect to the UNI-D ports Strictly speaking you can connect directly to the enabled UNI-D port and have immediate Internet access – REMEMBER each UNI-D port is a separate connection and your RSP will have enabled just one for usage

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