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Blackout! Are you covered & would you survive?

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Adelaide Lightning

Now THIS is a Blackout – On 28th September 2016 the ENTIRE state of South Australia was without power for several hours, some parts for much longer …

Which should make all businesses question their ability to weather a similar event. (pardon the pun!)

Pylon Down

Electricity Pylons damaged by lightning

No doubt you have UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) protecting your computers – preferably all of them, if not, at least those holding vital data … but what is the battery operated run time?
And do you have shutdown scripts in place for when time is running out? If not, then the computer losing power may cause data damage as well.

All of the equipment you value should have surge-protection (built in to most UPS) at a minimum via the power-board.

And most importantly –  data backed-up. And if you are not following THE BACKUP RULE OF THREE then you don’t have a back up!


(Also called the Backup 3-2-1 rule)

  • 3 Copies of anything that is importantIf you only have two copies then you don’t value it!
  • 2 Different Formats i.e.Cloud & DVD Copy, USB Disk & Dropbox
  • 1 Copy stored off-site If your office/home burns are you covered
Power Outages

Areas of South Australia without Power

If you really want to be covered you should ensure that you use different MEDIA for your backups
Magnetic (Hard Drive, USB Stick, Raid Array),
Optical (Blu-Ray, DVD or CD) &
Cloud (Drive, DropBox, AmazonS3 – and be sure to have copies of your access codes!)

Because a storm of this magnitude could cause water & electrical damage – but your Optical & Cloud back-ups should survive.

It may seem paranoid, but the extra effort to make sure that your data, schoolwork, photos, music collection – anything that is important to you could pay off … Equipment is replaceable but the data that is important to you may not be.

Spread some WiFi love

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Relying on WiFi as your main internet ‘backbone’ is never a good idea – it simply doesn’t provide the bandwidth & coverage that some of your data-hungry devices require.

But – of course there is a place for WiFi in every office or home to cater for smartphones & tablets … the problem is getting the signal distributed.

Ubiquiti WiFi Wall Plate

The people at Ubiquiti have come up with an idea that I LOVE! –


The In-Wall Wifi Access Point


With this clever device you retro-fit your existing cabled ethernet points to provide a WiFi Access Point as well as your existing cable point.

The obvious advantage of this is you don’t have to have additional unsightly hardware to provide WiFi where it’s needed & of course no extra cables.

You do need POE (Power over Ethernet) but adapters are readily available if you’re not ready to upgrade your router.


Installation is easy …

  • UniFi WiFi Ethernet plate You simply unscrew your existing socket from the wall,
  • Ensure that the wall cavity will accommodate the new fitting
  • Plug in the POE enabled cable from your router
  • & Reinstall the socket.

Voila … A WiFi Access Point, Your existing Ethernet Socket as well as a 2nd POE enabled Socket.

Range is only about 25 metres which is still ample for the average office or home Family Room.

Pricing looks to be around AU$99, which compares favourably with fitting multiple wired access points or repeaters around – and it’s a tidy solution!