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WordPress Themes … One size does NOT fit all!

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There is no question that WordPress is the Internet’s leading Content Management System (CMS) – in fact, almost 75 million sites at the last count. Wordpress Logo And for good reason!

  • It’s free.
  • It’s based on stable, frequently updated core code.
  • You can be up & running a very basic site in around 5 minutes.
  • There are over 45,000 plug-ins (and many more paid versions).
  • On average, if you need to hire an expert it will cost you around $50 per hour.
  • Did I mention it’s FREE!

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We don’t design Web Sites!

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We don’t design Web Sites!
… Strange way to promote a ‘web-company’ don’t you think?

But it’s an admission of weaknesses in order to concentrate on strengths. 

Perhaps I should rephrase it –

We don’t design websites but we know someone who does‘!

It’s silly for me to spend hours poring over Photoshop wondering if that blue goes with green, when someone else knows in an instant.  So we outsource all design work and project manage until the pretty graphics files are returned.

But is design all that’s involved in website design?

Usually no!

There are some designers who can turn their photoshop files into  WordPress, Typo3, Joomla (or whatever other CMS you have chosen) compatible theme – but they are rare. That’s where we come to the fore, slicing & dicing to make the design work like a website.

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