Bitmain Antminer U2+ 2Gh/s+ USB Bitcoin Mining

I’ll admit it – I’ve been bitten by the coin mining bug!
Whilst many would argue that the ‘horse has bolted’ for bitcoin, there are still PLENTY of opportunities to make profits on selected coins.

For Instance – MazaCoin … the first coin to be adopted by a sovereign nation – the Traditional Lakota Nation.  As a SHA-256 currency, Mazacoin can easily be mined by a variety of ASIC miners (that has become the only profitable way to mine due to the reduced power costs)

U2 BitminerThe Antminer U2+ is a little bigger than a USB drive due to the attached heatsink
(The previous model did not have the heatsink & suffered from hardware errors when overclocked)

Currently I have 36 of the little beasts happily mining away in a ‘Block Erupter’ 49 Port Hub which is powered by a single ATX power supply (I need a larger PSU before adding too many more)

They’re mining at an average of 2.2Gh/s whilst only being set on the 2.0Gh/s clock speed – so I’m pretty happy & just looking for the most profitable coin to mine – CoinWarz is most helpful in this regard.

However, I have another 450 of these sitting in my office, gradually being reduced via eBay, Locanto & personal contacts – so if you’re looking to get into mining at the ground level, why not give these a try.

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