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Beware of SEO Snake-Oil Salesmen

SEO Snakeoil Salesman

The ‘Snake-oil Salesman’ is frequently featured in the old westerns – peddling a supposed cure-all with a scripted banter hyping a myriad of benefits – all completely untrue … Until the townspeople run them out of town!

Well beware …

A new salesman is in town preying on businesses who just want to have their sites appear at the top of Google Searches.

“With this new amazing technique I can guarantee your listing will appear at the top & on maps as well … look at this lovely site I have already built for you (simply a wordpress template with a few minor changes). We only work with Australian businesses (But our company is registered in New Delhi) & besides … we already have signed up your competitors –  so don’t miss out!!!”

Just like the snake-oil salesman’s pitch, there’s not a word of truth in the above & it’s about time someone started forming a posse to run this thieving lot out of town.

Think about it …

How many top places do you suppose Google has to sell?
And do you think they outsource the selling to a New Delhi based outfit called “”?

Not surprisingly, Google are savvy enough to sell their search engine placements themselves…

And it’s not via a New Delhi start-up!

They have their own marketing conglomerate called ‘Adwords’ and, used correctly, you CAN buy the top positions in Search results.

You actually bid on keywords – so an effective campaign involves well-chosen keywords or phrases & competitive spending to out-bid your competitors.

And this is where the services of an experienced Adwords Certified Consultant may be helpful.

They don’t tend to advertise via SPAM email (and yes, even ONE unsolicited commercial email IS spam & should be reported) & certainly don’t cold-call offering guaranteed Google placement. Like any professional, they gain customers via legitimate means – Paid Advertising, Seminars and importantly via word-of-mouth.

If you need help starting your website, or getting it to rate higher in results – hire a professional Search Engine Optimization consultant (SEO)

But don’t waste your hard earned dollars on a snake-oil salesman who promises … but can never deliver.