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The NBN (National Broadband Network) is a controversial, but much needed, communications infrastructure upgrade – how will it affect you?

Many businesses have found the transition from conventional copper-wire based infrastructure to the NBN’s fiber based, one termination device – then reliance on internal networking capabilities – difficult to negotiate! Which is when we can help …

NBN's WiFi Snail - delivery by Wifi is a waste of bandwidth

NBN Snail

New NBN Mascot? Perhaps I’m being mean but I think ‘Wi-Fi Snail’ is the perfect mascot for the NBN. All of that Fibre Optic bandwidth… Read More »NBN Snail

Typical NBN Install

NBN – What equipment do I get?

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So … the months of watching endless trenches dug along your street are over, they’ve even dug into your property – your ready to connect to ‘The NBN‘ … What now? NBN Utility Box

If you are lucky you will have an ugly grey device such as this attached to an external wall ( If you’re even luckier you may have had some say¬†about its placement! ) Lucky because this means you’ve hit the NBN Mother lode – FTTH (or Fibre to the Home)!

For whatever reason you have been directly connected to Fibre rather than a hybrid of aging copper & fibre that is definitely second rate! And the current Government’s stated intention. This little box can connect you to the Internet at speeds you previously could never have imagined! (Well … not quite true – Telstra, Optus & Neighbourhood Cable’s HFC rolled out in the 90’s already offers the NBN’s current maximum download speed of 100Mbs)
But in theory, fibre can go much further … 1 Gigabits per second even 40 Gigabits per second have been achieved in laboratory testing) So be thankful for the ugly grey box if you happen to get one! (It’s known as the NBN Utility Box & inside you’ll find little more than a coil of very thin white cable) Read More »NBN – What equipment do I get?