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Melbourne’s Third-world Airport

Melbourne's Third-world Terminal at Tullamarine

Have you visited Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport – Tullamarine?  It’s the tin-shed off to the left of the other three terminals servicing Tiger Airways. If you have any option – don’t!

I went to Melbourne Airport today to pick-up my daughter who’s returning from a Queensland holiday.  As always, I parked in the multi-story car-park (where you KNOW you’ll be charged a small fortune for the privilege of exposing your vehicle to car-thieves) and sauntered across to wait upon her arrival.  However, T4 isn’t in the main building … it’s half-way back to the city.

The waiting area for T4 is a car-park … not figuratively, it’s literally a car-park outside a cyclone wire corral. There’s no shelter, no information boards, no staff – there’s nothing! You would be forgiven for thinking the plane had been diverted to Dakar or some equally remote destination.

Now according to Airport Technology, Terminal 4  was originally built in 2000 at a cost of $9 Million and in 2007 had a $5 Million refit. All that money and none of it could be spared for passenger amenities?  Melbourne’s not renowned for its mild sunny July weather, so perhaps a few dollars could have been spared for a roof? Hell, I’ll start a collection and pitch in $5 myself!

I know there will be explanations of ‘It’s Tiger Airways, it’s a budget airline, these are cost-cutting measures’ but honestly, cyclone wire enclosed waiting area? It gives a new meaning to cattle class!


I flew recently to Brisbane via Tiger and the amenities have improved greatly … still a walk out onto the tarmac to board your plane & a terrible reputation for cancellations & delays – but getting there!