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What’s Your Name? – SEO the wrong way.

People don't search for your name

Most of the websites I see have been optimised for the wrong term!
– Instead of ‘Ballarat Mechanic’ the site trumpets ‘Joe Blog’s – Serving you for 50 years’.

This is just wrong!

Unless you are Microsoft or Apple, most people don’t remember your name!

You may have done an astounding job last time you serviced the car, but you’re still the bloke down the road past the stop sign.

It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that people these days have such a barrage of information assailing them that they’re lucky to remember breakfast.

So now that your ego has been squashed, what to do?

Help your customer’s find your business by optimising your website for the correct terms.

It’s OK to have your name in the title but precede it with some keywords.

  • If your location is best remembered by a geographic marker – use it on your website. i.e. ‘Just across from the Wheat Silos’
  • If you haven’t included a Google map, do so … Now! It’s vital.
  • Do some brainstorming with family & friends to come up with the most likely terms people would use to search for your services
    – You might like to be known as a ‘Piping Specialist’ but to the rest of us you’re a plumber.

Search Engine Optimization is really about getting inside your customer’s head, so that when they begin searching, you’ll be the one that pops up.