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Why SpinetiX?

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Versatile solutions.
SpinetiX™ offer the most versatile solutions on the market, serving every industry and any business size. So, whether you have 1 or 10,000 screens, their products can be customized and scaled to grow with your business, every step of the way.

Limitless applications.
From interactive kiosks to video walls and live streaming, SpinetiX™ can help you realize any and every digital experience.

A seamless user experience.
SpinetiX™ provide reliable, secure and user-friendly applications with limitless customization options. From novice to expert, it’s your creative digital canvas.

Trusted Heritage.
SpinetiX™ are industry pioneers. With over 11 years of experience, they’re grounded in the DNA of digital signage. Trusted by hundreds of clients and key opinion leaders around the world, and their breakthrough innovations have been awarded by the industry and acclaimed by customers and partners.

Plug and play solution for SMEs

DIVA- Digital Signage Player is an all-in-one media player designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Diva Player for Small to Medium BusinessesWith the most compact and robust design on the market, DIVA is simple to install in any environment. You just need to connect it to a screen and interact with the built-in web interface to create, schedule, and publish your content.

DIVA’s web interface comes with useful apps such as Weather, QR code, RSS feeds and more which make your communication much more attractive and efficient.
It takes just a few minutes from set-up to content publication on your screen.

A simple and complete digital signage solution without any recurring fee.

SpinetiX HMP players + Elementi software = The perfect match

Corporate ApplicationsSpinetiX™ Hyper Media Players (HMPs) combined with SpinetiX™ Elementi digital signage software are a professional-grade solution which offers a wide diversity of applications and data-driven contents that you can publish on any combination of displays.

SpinetiX ™ HMP players are uniquely designed to match the most demanding conditions while ensuring low maintenance and operation costs.

Use Elementi, our powerful three-in-one digital signage software to compose, schedule and publish content to your HMP players.

Thanks to the 250+ widgets included in Elementi, you can easily connect information from your everyday tools such as an Excel spreadsheet, a Google calendar, a Facebook page and more to automatically update content on your display.